Message from MonoSol’s CEO in Response to COVID-19

April 10, 2020

Dear Friends,

I hope this note finds you safe and in good health. I wanted to let you know how MonoSol has been working through the COVID-19 crisis to support our people, customers and communities. As a trusted brand and business partner, MonoSol people are overcoming every challenge and finding new ways to serve others. I could not be more proud of our team.

We are grateful that we have no confirmed or suspected cases of COVID-19 among our employees. Business remains strong and operations continue with new systems and procedures even as we work with our customers to meet increased demand due to COVID19. Since January, MonoSol has enacted progressively tighter control measures and ensured frequent and open communication as we respond to this constantly evolving situation.

MonoSol’s leadership team is in frequent contact with elected officials in our communities. Based on those conversations, we dispatched two rounds of emergency funding to food pantries and other organizations feeding people in our communities. MonoSol’s procurement team was able to secure extra protective masks for local healthcare providers and delivered no-touch thermometers to local police and fire departments. This week, we doubled our matching gift program, so that when our employees donate to local charities, we will double our usual dollar-for-dollar match – effectively tripling their gifts.

MonoSol is also helping other local businesses. Our environmental health and safety team advises local manufacturers on our safety protocols. We are advancing payments to small vendors to help with their cash flow. Our finance team is helping other local businesses understand the loans and grant programs available from the Federal government, even though we ourselves are too large to qualify. Additionally, we joined the Boone County Economic Development Corporation as a founding sponsor of its small business recovery fund, which provides micro-loans to small business owners in the hard-hit Indianapolis area.

Beyond ramping up production to meet the surge in demand for detergents, demand for our healthcare laundry bags is exceeding our supply (the National Healthcare System in the UK is our biggest customer for these). We found a creative way to add capacity, sending our production experts to a third-party that used to manufacture a similar product. We are now helping them re-start first generation equipment to make more bags. We are also exploring methods to produce additional masks in our facilities or in conjunction with other local manufacturers. In the meantime, our parent company, Kuraray, has been directing supplies, from resin to masks to MonoSol to support our efforts.

At the leadership level, our mission remains clear: keep our people safe, healthy and working. We are beginning to shift the conversation to the future and how we will play a role in helping our communities not just survive, but recover. MonoSol went into this crisis strong, building, growing and hiring and we intend to continue serving as an economic engine when we emerge. We will be MonoSol Strong!

We are grateful for your continued partnership and look forward to working with you on these important efforts in the coming weeks and months ahead.


P. Scott Bening



P. Scott Bening

President & CEO
MonoSol Division, Kuraray

Apr, 10, 2020

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