MonoSol capabilities

Custom Film Solubility

With the best water-soluble technology in the world, our Kuraray vinyl acetate team supports our formulating expertise by providing cutting-edge engineered polymers. We have over 60 years of experience collaborating with our business partners to customize films for unique applications.

Mechanical Properties

Our water-soluble packaging technologies are tough, elastic and resilient to deliver your product when and how it should be delivered.

Film Convertibility

Our films are tough, elastic, and resilient to enable successful conversion on a variety of secondary processing systems and satisfy shelf-life requirements. Click here to discuss how our films’ properties can work for you.

Antistatic and Release

PVA film release material technology offers proven charge dissipation characteristics.

Dissipative & Barrier Properties

While static dissipative and permeable to moisture, PVOH-based films exhibit low permeability to oxygen and other gases. Our films are also resistant to solvents, oils and grease – although some solvents may extract plasticizers from certain film products.

Resistant Properties

Our dissolvable packaging technologies can stand up to oil and solvents to ensure your product delivers in the intended environments.


When dissolved in water, PVOH-based films are biodegradable in wastewater facilities and other environments containing acclimated organisms.