Food grade applications

Food and Beverage

Make inconsistency and mess a thing of the past with MonoSol’s food grade, water-soluble film. Our latest innovation streamlines the dosing of beverage powders, food ingredients, spices and dyes by portioning them in soluble, edible packaging. From protein shakes to food manufacturing, MonoSol’s technology saves time, eliminates measuring and mess, and ensures the result is perfect every time.

Transparent, odorless, tasteless and biodegradable, the film mimics nature by acting as a sustainable wrapper. Like a banana peel, edible film can hold single servings of food and beverage products and then naturally biodegrade. It also has the potential to reduce the amount of excessive plastic used to package single serving portions. Food and beverages packaged in water-soluble film are perfect for the busy consumer.

Shaking Up Protein

Our work within the protein and supplement industry began with an idea to make big tubs of supplement powder more convenient.

Anyone who uses protein powder knows measuring and mixing protein shakes when on the go is time consuming. MonoSol, using our edible film, developed a pre-portioned supplement packet that dissolves within seconds in a shaker bottle. Just add water.