dust abatement technology applied to field landing zone

Dust Abatement

MonoSol’s renewable dust abatement technology can be applied with any spray equipment capable of dispersing water. Once applied, our solution penetrates the soil and cures dimensionally, creating a firm bonded layer to lock the dirt in place. Unlike any other product on the market, once cured, it can be reactivated later with a light water application to create a new bonded layer, extending the lifetime of coverage, while reducing the overall cost to abate damaging dust and dirt. Our technology has been proven successful on dual rotor-wing aircraft/helicopter landing zones, airfield peripheries, industrial sites, and solar fields. With U.S. Bureau of Land Management approval and adoption by the United States Military, MonoSol dust abatement technology is effective but safe and easy-to-use without any harmful effects to skin, body, clothing, or the environment.

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