composite molding, auto pipes & hoses

Composite Molding

MonoSol offers a full range of films for use in composite molding applications, ranging from vacuum bag mold release in the fiberglass reinforced plastics industry to pressure tape fabrication of industrial and automotive pipes and hoses.

Our vacuum bag mold release films have lead the industry for more than 60 years and are engineered to be flexible and formable, stretching for deep draws and conforming to the mold without pleats. Our films have excellent release characteristics making your prosthetics, aerospace, automotive and marine composite fabrication easier and faster while providing an environmentally-friendly, disposable and recyclable release-solution.

MonoSol’s pressure tape produces quality finished composites with a controlled gloss finish and excellent laminate consolidation during curing. Our products wrap around complex shapes and curves, making them ideal for forming and releasing flexible silicone hoses, golf club shafts and even sailboat masts.

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