It is the policy of MonoSol LLC to conduct our business in a manner that protects the health and safety of our employees, the communities where we operate, and the environment.

MonoSol will work to provide quality products to our customers but not at the expense of unsafe working conditions to our employees or the communities where we operate.

MonoSol is committed to:

  • Establishing relevant environmental, health, safety, and security goals that drive continual improvement in our performance.
  • Regularly review our progress and to take necessary actions to achieve our Environmental Health and Safety goals.
  • Meeting all applicable local, state and federal environmental, health, safety and security laws and regulations, as well as other requirements that affect our operations. We further commit ourselves to meeting the obligations and requirements of the RC14001 Technical Specification.
  • Considering environmental impacts, the health and safety of our employees and other stakeholders and security concerns that could be affected by our operations.
  • Maintaining an open dialogue with our employees and affected stakeholders.
  • Making this policy available to our managers, employees, contractors and other stakeholders.
  • Conducting our operations in a manner that is committed to recycling, conservation of resources, and prevention of pollution.
  • Marketing products that have been shown to be safe for humans and the environment, through careful consideration of the potential health and environmental effects, exposures and releases that will be associated with their production, transportation, use and disposal.
  • Reflecting on our performance, and learning from it.

It is the duty of all managers and employees to adhere to this policy and to the EHSS procedures developed to carry out this policy in our daily operations.