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Dry Lubication–MonoDose® Films


MonoDose PackagingIn high-speed, automated packaging operations using MonoDose® films, filled pouches are typically conveyed on belts and passed through various accumulation systems prior to being counted and deposited into secondary containers and ready-for-sale packaging. During these processes, it is often advantageous, especially when packaging liquids, to introduce dry lubrication on the pouch to improve product performance and operational efficiency.



Advantages of Dry Lubrication:

  • Ease of product flow through post-conversion packaging operations with various relative humidity levels

  • Reduced blocking on conveyors and in storage hoppers and accumulators, especially during shutdowns or stoppages

  • Improved flow of pouches packed in high-gloss, high-clarity films.

  • Improved feel of pouch surface

  • Mitigates potential weeping of liquid products onto surface of pouches

  • Reduced sticking together of pouches, preventing possible failure during separation


As the world leader in water soluble films, MonoSol has always maintained the position to manufacture pure PVOH films without “pre-dusting”. When needed, we strongly advocate a dry-lubrication process that is targeted, precise, and close-circuited after the pouch is produced.


MonoSol can recommend a unique, closed-system dry lubricant application process that provides accurate powder dosing for efficient pouch production and ensures consumer “non-stick convenience.”


Post Lubrication Machine Attributes:

  • Closed circuits for dry lubricant are recommended.

  • Negative pressure in the application space to help prevent the escape of dry lubricant into the converting area.

  • Dry lubricant chamber heating systems are advantageous to ensure that powder stays dry for desired application to pouch.

  • Improved feel of pouch surface

  • Provides the necessary lubrication precisely when and where it is needed and therefore avoids over-lubrication.