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MonoSol Vision

MonoSol enhances everyday life and enables a sustainable future through innovative water-soluble technology and successful collaboration.


About MonoSol

Since 1953, MonoSol has been dedicated to manufacturing water-soluble polymer films, compounds, and solutions. MonoSol provides an environment for growth for employees, service providers, partners and our customers. We believe in best practices supported through training and re-investment in technology, people and infrastructure.


MonoSol products are handled by people all over the world every day. From the detergent that you put in your dishwasher to the hospital laundry room. From protecting our brave men and women on the battlefield to your prosthetic limb, our products are there. We make world-class quality products that are beneficial for mankind while also being safe for the environment.


Above all, MonoSol stakeholders have developed and maintained a culture of respect for each other and our environment. MonoSol maintains a global network of dedicated partners to offer sales, service and technical support to its worldwide customer base. Certified ISO 9001:2008, MonoSol maintains the highest quality standards.


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We are the science behind the scene. Explore our world of water-soluble products to see how we can partner with you to make your idea a reality.



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